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(PHP 7 >= 7.2.0, PHP 8)

socket_addrinfo_connectCreate and connect to a socket from a given addrinfo


socket_addrinfo_connect(AddressInfo $address): Socket|false

Create a Socket instance, and connect it to the provided AddressInfo instance. The return value of this function may be used with the rest of the socket functions.

Bağımsız Değişkenler


AddressInfo instance created from socket_addrinfo_lookup()

Dönen Değerler

Returns a Socket instance on success or false on failure.

Sürüm Bilgisi

Sürüm: Açıklama
8.0.0 On success, this function returns a Socket instance now; previously, a resource was returned.
8.0.0adres artık bir AddressInfo örneği olabiliyor; evvelce resource türündeydi.

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